Proven track record of delivery over more than 25 years

S.J. Corporation Ltd. was established in 1994, and we have delivered marine supplies and equipment to ocean-going vessels and shipyards in Japan, China, Philippines, Central & Latin America. With our professional team, we carry out prompt deliveries at the right time and place. Our team has expert communication skills to cope with Japanese, Chinese, and English to avoid any misunderstandings during any transaction. Due to such achievement we have built trust amongst our clients and have been continuously delivering the best possible products with cost effectiveness.

Proven Manufacturing company selection by verification of Superindentent

We are capable in getting support from our Superindentent from our affiliated company SEJIN SM to support technical matters for marine equipment selection and to evaluate their performance by visiting their factory.

Certificate & Record

1) Obtained ISO9001 Certificate by SGS
2) Achieved USD 10 Million Trade record

PR Video of S.J. Corporation

Message from Vice President

I deeply appreciate for visiting our website of our company.

S.J. Corporation is a speciallized trading company that exports Korean shipbuilding equipments and marine spare parts to overseas.

We would like to provide the best service, based on the best quality, the highest technology, the shortest delivery time, and the most reasonable price.

We will do our best in the belief that it is our destiny to be one of the leading export company in Korea.

Vice President, S.J. Corporation
Choi, Sang Eon

Introduction of Our Main Members


As a person in charge of the Japanese market, my role is to find o... read more
As a person in charge of the Japanese market, my role is to find out new business opportunities to export marine products towards shipbuilding & offshore plant companies in Japan. For the existing customers, I am handling for renewal and additional contracts under the mutual agreement and consultation. Also, manage to facilitate communication on feedbacks/inquiries/issues from customers by checking and adjusting project accordingly. To provide the needs in the Japanese shipbuilding market, I am striving to make our customers satisfy with our service and products so we are able to maintain our business collaboration continuously.
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I am in charge of Paraguay & English speaking countries in S.J. ... read more
I am in charge of Paraguay & English speaking countries in S.J. Corporation. Mainly, my role is to make contract with our clients and export marine products after negotiating it's price and quantity. I arrange shipment schedule and handle export documentations in order to deliver the product on time. Besides, I am responsible for handling any claims that may cause afterwards. I believe that establishing sales strategy by diversified market analysis and trends for each country are the key point to develop new opportunities.
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As the person in charge of international sales & export for philippin... read more
As the person in charge of international sales & export for philippines & South East Asian countries, I am striving to maintain countious relationship with the existing customers by securing close communication with the domestic manufacturers. Furthermore, I try to monitor the demand of marine products from each Shipyards and proceed purchase order, checking its status, confirming production, and manage its delivery time. To minimize our customers' inconveniences, we have established partnership with carriers and forwarders in order that the ordered products are safely delivered on time.
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I am a member of S.J. Corporation's accounting department, m... read more
I am a member of S.J. Corporation's accounting department, mainly managing company's financial activities. I take my job with best effort in order that our company will get trust from external parties. I am mostly carrying out internal staff recruitment, managing attendance and salary for all employees. Also, I am handling overall accounting tasks such as purchase payment, sales settlement, computerized account book, and reporing tax related documentations. It is very important for company's credit to regulary arrange and report accouting data to internal members and the authorities concerned strictly and faithfully. In addition, it is necessary to suggest sustainable business direction and systemically manage funds by revenue model analysis for each countries.
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Monitoring and Planning as Environmental Pressures are building

Productible Marine Equipment & Off-Shore Plant

Solution for COVID-19

1. We carefully and closely cooperate and communicate with suppliers to ensure on-time delivery for customers' satisfaction
2. Hot & New Information about COVID-19 Restriction & Regulation is being shared with all related persons via e-mail.
3. If any issue on land workers, tele-work is available for smooth communication with customers & suppliers